ARK PvE Cluster, start 02.06.2021, join us now!

You want more?

Why should you play with us?

We are an enthusiastic ARK community that likes to
build, tame, breed, trade, explore caves,
Defeat bosses and everything ARK has to offer.

Server Cluster for all Maps

All official Maps plus addional Mod 
Maps are clustered here to one big
Server-Cluster. The Server Ips you
can find on our Discord.

2500+ User

We have already welcomed over 2500
registered Players! Our main
communication is our Discord server.
Here you can find the
best connection to our community.

Play up-to-date with mods

Our servers are always up to date
and a well-coordinated collection
of mods completes this which gives
you an extraordinary gaming

Our intention from the beginning was to create a place where we could have fun together. We never thought the project would be so successful.

Daniel, Serverowner



the most important server settings

experience settings

XP multiplier: 0,70
XP Kill: 1,20

maximal levels

Normal: 150
Tek Dinos: 180
Wyvern: 190

to harvest

Harvesting multiplier: 1,40
Dinoharvesting multiplier: 1,80


EggHatchSpeed multiplier: 8,5
BabyMatureSpeed multiplier: 7,0


max. tamed dinos on server: 5000
max. tamed dinos on tribe: 300

other settings

Decay Timer: 2
max. Structure Limit: 20.000

Server online
Players currently online

Join Discord

We mainly use Discord for easy and problem-free communication between all levels. If you don’t want to miss any news, join us now for free

Contact us

If you're not using Discord, you can 
contact us via this contact form.
We will get to youas soon as possible.
In case you can't wait
you can download Discord here.

Voices from the Community

What our players say about us

"Auch wenn der Einstieg auf Lumina´s Ark etwas schwieriger ist als auf anderen Servern, macht es mir doch sehr viel Spaß hier zu spielen. Das Admin Team gibt sich sehr viel Mühe den Spielern ein umfangreiches und abwechslungsreiches Spiel zu ermöglichen. Als Streamer ist es mir daher eine besonders große Freude meine Zuschauer an meinen Abenteuern auf Lumina`s Ark teilhaben zu lassen."
"Lumina's ARK is no ordinary server, as someone who has nearly 5k hours in ARK this server still makes me feel like I'm doing things for the first time again. It is very rewarding and highly customized, there are many things to do for new players to maxed out players. The admins are extremely active and are always creating new events, boss maps, and other things for players to enjoy. Paired with a great mod list, this server is just the best. Highly recommend Lumina's ARK!"
"In meinen Streams und Off Streams, Spiele ich auf dem Lumina´s Ark Cluster. Admins sind Top couragierte Leute die ein Super Mod Team haben, und für jeden da sind wenn es mal schwierig wird. Ich Spiele gerne hier auch wenn es mal irgendwo im Arkleben zwickt."
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